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Introducing Snakyz, a new e-commerce platform and app dedicated to snacks, offering Relish-Recipe inspirations that will please any palate. The feeling you get in your stomach when you see Snacky's bites, you'll love it at first sight and at first bite.

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About Us

The idea of SNAKYZ was born from a Kerala kitchen in UAE. Kerala the god’s own country can be called a land of snacks too. Especially Northern Kerala, the Malabar region which has a rich culinary history. The flavors of Malabar snacks and its preparation style exhibit vibrancy. The aroma of its spicy food with its delicious lip-smacking taste is unique to the region.

We bring these favorable bites in one package to the comfort of your home. Snakyz boxes look more appealing with the subtle flavors of your favorite snacks in a tidy, clearly visible package to satisfy your mid-meal hunger cravings.
Take them all in style in lovely see-through boxes tempting your senses.

Our Vision


Our vision is to be the world's most customer-centric brand, offering an authentic taste of exclusive bites with purely fresh ingredients.


Great Application Ever

Technology has played a major role in the introduction and advancement of mobile food apps in the last 2 years. Almost everyone prefers to order food online because of the convenience, offers, and variety of food options right at your fingertips. Snakyz is made with the delicious taste of pure ingredients; giving consumers what they pay for; tempting them to have it more and more. Customers can also order their choice of snacks from any of their favorite restaurants already affiliated with us.

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